Treating Hashimoto’s Disease and Cold Urticaria

Into The Program Becky's Conditioned Has Been Reversed!

Becky's Story

I am a 48 year old female suffering from autoimmune diseases called Graves Disease and Cold Urticaria. I reached out to Jeff Meyers to ask what type of “plan” I should have to get results when working out at the gym. I had to “kill” my thyroid with Radioactive Iodine a couple of years ago due to the hyperthyroidism I suffered from the Graves and after doing so I put on a ton of weight and struggled to lose it. 

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I Got Nothing From Traditional Medicine

Nothing I was doing was giving me results and I was extremely frustrated and on an emotional roller coaster. When contacting Jeff my main priority was to get the weight off. After contacting Jeff with Quantum Healing I realized that gut health should be my main priority and without it I would continue to struggle with my ailments and most likely develop more.

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After working with Jeff for a short time I was able to lose weight, feel better, and notice a significant decrease in my hive flare ups from the Cold Urticaria. Jeff has been so patient with me and my biggest cheerleader. The support I get from Jeff has been incredible. He recommended supplements that I have never heard of before, recommended fasting, and focusing on healing my gut with supplements and nutrition. Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and one of the kindest people I know. His passion for health and empowering people to get results and live a healthy and happy life is his life’s mission. His heart is the size of Texas and I can’t thank Jeff enough for all he has done and continues to do for me. To you Jeff, I cannot express how much I appreciate you! You truly are a Godsend and a one of a kind man! I will forever be thankful to you!

Becky's 7 Month Update

Becky's 12 Month Update

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alternative healing murrieta CA (3)

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