Reversing Symptoms Of Lupus

Into The Program And Joanna's Symptoms Are Gone!

Joanna's Story

I am a 37-year-old Athlete from California. I have been high carb vegan for 3 years trying to fix my digestion and hormones from years of cutting for bodybuilding competitions. The type of lifestyle I have been following was pretty much a fruitarian diet where I ate the majority of my calories from fruit. I did fix my digestion and got my hormones back in check with some thyroid medication, and eating all that fruit kept my digestion going. This past one and a half years my body started to break down. All of a sudden I started getting bone pain, then my legs started to get weak, my fingers and toes were freezing, and my bruises were out of control. 

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Discovering Autoimmune Disease

I went to the doctor to find out I have an autoimmune disease. All the signs of Lupus but they are calling mixed connective tissue disease. Right away they want me on medication or I’m going to get worse. So they hand me medication and say we have to keep checking your eyes because the medication you’ll be on is known for attacking your eyes. What? No way! 

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Trying To Keep Up With My Lifestyle

I train every day in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I train hard. I help coach and compete. My life is very active and I love being outdoors hiking and living life. The last 6 months the pain in my elbows were so severe I was in tears after training. My joints were so inflamed I couldn’t throw a ball or a frisbee and trying to drive our truck was even hurting my arms. I dealt with the pain every day and kept training because it’s what I love. I know so much about health and how to be healthy, but I didn’t know why my body was in so much pain. I did train with Jeff in the past to get me ready for a Spartan race and I was always watching his posts on social media. I started to see posts about Jeff helping his friend with seizures, and thought he was the one I can talk to because Jeff always knew how I trained. I needed someone who trains like I do to help me fix my body while feeding it for the amount of energy I use every day. I can’t cut calories and I can’t stop training. So I knew he was the one to call.

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Now 30 days in I promise you ALL my pain is gone!! Just 30 days. I listened to everything Jeff has said and my bruises are almost all gone ( remember I train grappling, so I get hit all the time so I will have a little bruising). My memory is so much better, and my energy is as high as ever. I am in shock every day that I have no pain. No more thyroid medication and I feel amazing! Jeff is so passionate about helping people who are sick, and this world is very sick. We can heal our sickness without medication. Pharmaceuticals are making us worse. The lifestyle of health feels so good and I’m truly thankful for Jeff for showing me how to take care of my body while training 6+ hours a day

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Joanna Becomes The Woman's IBJJF World Champion In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2018!

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6 Month Update: Reaching Full Potential Through Quantum Physics

April, 2019 Joanna Won The Inland Empire Open Championships

12 Month Update

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