Reversing Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Into The Program And Randy Feels Like A New Man, Relieved From His MS Symptoms

Randy's Story

Here’s my story of how Jeff’s guidance with Quantum Levels Healing has changed my life. This is my story so far and it’s only been 30 days! 12 years ago my family and I found out that I have Multiple Sclerosis. The doctors since then have done their job by prescribing medicines and treatments but I have only gotten progressively worse. The last treatment almost sent me into the emergency room and left me severely worse than before. This is definitely not a sustainable path! I have always been active and kept up playing and doing activities with my wife and two boys through their sports but lately have not been able to participate due to my condition. 

MS Was Keeping Me From Living My Life

I loved riding dirt bikes and doing Jiu-jitsu. I have not been able to ride my bike at all and have been able to practice Jiu-jitsu but very limited due to my energy levels and balance and coordination issues. My memory and cognition were terrible. I had zero energy. Not just physical energy but mentally as well, and just feeling depressed and resigned to accept that this is the path of my life. My next treatment is coming up and my wife and I decided to do something different so we reached out to Jeff. 

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We reached out to Jeff and I’m so glad we did and here’s what’s happened so far in 30 days… I can remember things that I read, and recite passages that I’ve memorized. My ability to concentrate has increased and my energy levels are amazing. Now when I train Jiu-jitsu I am always able to keep up, sometimes outlast some of my training partners. 2 days ago I competed at a local Jiu-jitsu tournament and had tons of energy physically and mentally. My strength is great and my mental attitude towards life is a complete turn around from before. Last week I got on my dirt bike for the first time in 2 years. I was a little hesitant at first but had total confidence. 

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I'm Thrilled With Jeff's Guidance

Jeff has been with me every step of the way. He actually listened to what my health issues were and then educated himself more about the specifics so he could recommend the exact formula for success. He has been there to educate, motivate, keep me accountable, listen and give advice. His approach to actually fixing the root causes of disease is ONE OF A KIND! If I had an issue with something he suggested, we would talk about it and work through it for the best outcome. He continually educating himself and me throughout the process. Jeff is there day or night and truly cares and is so passionate about educating people and getting them free from the misinformed medical model. I am so grateful that Jeff is doing the work that he’s so passionate about. Without his efforts, I would still be suffering in a state of never-ending drugs and treatments that aren’t even working. Thanks, Jeff, you Rock! 

Randy Takes 2nd Place at The IBJJF World Championships in December 2018

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Randy's 6 Month Update

Randy's 12 Month Update

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