Controlling Chronic Seizures

How Long It Took To Completely Reverse Tim's Seizures

Tim's Story...

Tim has had seizures since 1979 at the age of 12 years old he fell down on the baseball field and had his first seizure. After being diagnosed with Epilepsy he was in denial, such a big word for an otherwise young and healthy young man. The seizures just got worse through the Years. Never giving into the stigma of the disease. Tim would do the opposite of the doctors warned him not to do. Such as Don’t get to high on a ladder or climb trees. So I went skydiving! Don’t take a bath so I went scuba diving! Started training martial arts and bouncing at different bars!

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First Treatments For My Seizures

Finally, in ,1992 I went to UCLA neurological center where the testing began! After many tests they did a PET scan A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that helps reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning. A PET scan uses a radioactive drug (tracer) to show this activity. This showed an (AVM) Medical Definition of AVM. An AVM (arteriovenous malformation) is a congenital disorder (one present at birth) of knotted blood vessels in the brain, brainstem, or spinal cord that is characterized by a complex, tangled web of abnormal arteries and veins connected by one or more fistulas (abnormal communications).

Brain Surgery For My Seizures

So this was my first brain surgery in 1992 and it was not an optional surgery because the AVM could burst at any time killing me and they thought that the restricting of the blood flow could of been the cause of my seizures. So a long recovery for Tim but he did recover with no deficits from the surgery however the seizures didn’t go away. So frustrated I returned to UCLA for more testing, this time Telemetry, which is being hooked up to an EEG while being monitored by video and audio. As they try to induce seizures so they can map out where in the brain the seizures are originating. After this test, they pinpointed it as starting in my right temporal lobe. So was it operable? Would it affect my memory, thinking or speech? That was the question. So they did what they call a Wada test. When we consider surgery for seizures, it is important that we know where certain speech, thinking, and memory functions are located in the brain so that surgery does not affect these functions.

Tests And More Brain Surgery

The information we gather from testing helps us to decide what the best type of surgery might be, and how much brain tissue can be removed safely. The Wada test is used to help make these determinations. The test combines neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing methods. During the test, one side of the brain is put to sleep (anesthetized) by injecting a barbiturate into the carotid artery. For example, when the drug is injected into the left carotid artery, the left side of the brain is anesthetized for several minutes. Because the left side of the brain controls movement on the right side of the body, the right side of the body will not be able to move for this period of time. Also, if the anesthetized side is the side that controls speech, the patient will not be able to speak until the effect of the drug clears. So after this test, they said it was ok to remove part of my right temporal lobe without leaving me with any deficits. So 1994 I went in for a partial right temporal lobe ectomy. They cut a 4×4 hole in my skull and went in and removed more than a quarter of my temporal lobe.

Surgery… Again!

A few weeks later the bone flap that they went through started oozing puss so I rushed to the hospital where after a spinal tap they diagnosed me with staph infection and cerebral meningitis! In danger of death again Emergency surgery to go in and clean out the site and remove the bone flap! I went for years with a hole in my head, still bouncing and training fighters and living on the edge. My mother had bugged me to please get a plate put in my head but it wasn’t until she passed that I decided to go take care of that finally!

They Removed a Quarter Of My Brain.

Hoping that this was it, my recovery was a little faster and I was optimistic. I started having different types of seizures. Not as many grand mals but many other types. I would just take off running until I hit something or something hit me. Many injuries from these including broken bones. Undressing in public places just some crazy different seizures. So in 1996, the seizures started getting worse and more violent. Status Epilepticus is when you go into a seizure and it just goes from one into to other until your lungs or heart gives out or you get medical attention, very deadly and scary! So back into Telemetry to see where the seizures were originating and still they were starting in my right temporal lobe. So with the other test done showing it was ok to work on the right side of my brain they decided to take out the entire right lobe! Sounded crazy to think I was agreeing to let them take out an entire lobe of my brain but like I have always said I would walk 1000 miles barefoot in the desert to get rid of this horrible disease or die trying! Unfortunately, on the operating table, the surgeon said I started to seize and he said it was coming from deep in my brain and he was not going to play hero and dig blindly with chances of making things worse!

UCLA’s Most Brain Surgeries.

So I dealt with my disability frustrated but felt blessed that having a quarter of my brain removed I still had no deficits! I actually am in the UCLA record books for having the most brain surgeries without a deficit! In 2000 I heard about a new treatment for Epilepsy called the (VNS) What is Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) Implantation? A VNS is a device used to treat seizures when seizure drugs are not effective and surgery is not possible or does not work,VNS consists of a pacemaker-like generator that is implanted in the chest wall and is programmed by the physician to stimulate the vagus nerve in the neck

You Guessed It, Another Brain Surgery.

This lasted for about a year and a half and it only increased my seizure activity. I had another surgery in 2002 to have it totally removed. Living with the seizures up until 2011 when I got very ill and admitted to the hospital for a fever of an unknown origin. After weeks they finally found a small aspiration in my right upper lobe of my lung and treated that and released me, two years later 2013 I started throwing up blood, and a lot of it. To the hospital and they found a grapefruit size tumor in my right lung and I ended up at the city of hope in California in ICU had my lung removed but got an infection that kept me there for months. My seizures turned totally violent and my heart stopped once and they brought me back with the defibrillators! Then I fell into a coma for days, scary days but never gave up!

Searching For Alternative Healing

2017 I started taking CBD oils and that seemed to help control the big grand mal and status epilepticus seizures but still suffering from multiple partial complex seizures that can turn into a full grand mal anytime! July and August of this year my seizures were getting too frequent from a few a week to a few in a single day! That’s when I said this is out of control I must try
something new! But what? I have tried everything known for Epilepsy, my poor seizure alert dog Garth who has saved my life so many times was exhausted from alerting me to multiple seizures a day! So I called My old buddy Jeff Myers, hoping he could point me in the right direction. Well following his leadership 75 days later I have not had one seizure, I feel great and have lost over 45 lbs and we are just getting started thanks Jeff, AKA Doctor with Quantum Healing.

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Number Of Seizures Since Starting Our Quantum Healing Program 180 Days Ago

Tim's 75 Day Update

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” So with that said I want to give a shout out to my friend Dr. “J” yes Jeff Myerswith Quantum Level Healing! For the custom regimen and coaching, he put together to help me with my seizure disorder. Most of you all know my story and have seen me struggling with Epilepsy and the complications from it for years. I have tried the modern medicine model without any relief for years. Finally reaching a point with nothing else to try and having daily uncontrollable seizures I reached out to Dr.”J” 60 days ago and started this amazing journey! Since then I have been seizure free with not a single seizure and even went through a major surgery and radiation without a seizure which is unheard of for me. I always seize coming out of anesthesia, but not this time! As well I dropped 50 lbs even with being on pain medication which has baffled my surgeon because pain meds affect your liver slowing down your metabolism making it hard to lose weight. I have cut my pain medication in half and hopefully will be done soon. I have also dropped off one of my organ killing seizure medications! My blood pressure is that of an athlete says the doctor and got my stitches out today. Hard work pays off and I have always been one not afraid to get dirty. So I had nothing to lose but seizures and weight and incredibly so far so good but I’m not done yet, If I can get to 90 days I will get my drivers license back and be back to my fighting weight of 210. Wish me luck and God bless you all and goodnight 🌙💤 , my friends, I appreciate you all. Your friends Tim OShauna and Garth. 🐾🐕🐾💕

Tim's Dramatic Weight Loss And Vitality!

Six months into the program Tim has lost 75 pounds and hasn't had one single seizure!

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Tim's 8 Month Update

Tim's 12 Month Update

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